The Revolution of
Cloud-Native Security Operations

The story of DevOcean begins with a significant amount of devotion.
After an exit, then leading innovation and research groups at CyberArk, we knew exactly where to start our next chapter. We’ve been listening to cloud security leaders, experts, managers, and architects - all telling the same story. It's not about having another security tool that helps FIND issues. It's about having an integrated platform that helps SOLVE issues.
It didn’t take too long until we came to the conclusion it's not about having another security tool as much as working with the existing fragmented security stack.
Devoted to the defined-by-market mission, we founded DevOcean to solve cloud security operations challenges for security teams.
We're ready. Let's go.
Different kinds of customers: Security, Operations, Developer and Product.

Founding Team

Basketball fan, fascinated by chess and plays the London. Always happy to talk over an Old Fashioned.

Former GM of Security Research, CyberArk. A veteran of the IDF’s elite 8200 unit.
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Doron Naim
Co-Founder & CEO
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MMA fighter, snowboarder, gamer, and poker player who doesn’t believe fully in luck.

Former GM of Innovation, CyberArk. A veteran of the IDF’s elite 8200 unit.
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Gil Makmel
Co-Founder & CTO
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Investors and Advisors

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LinkedIn IconDavid Johnson
David Johnson
Senior Partner at HOLDING TLG
LinkedIn IconDan Burns
Dan Burns
Co-founder Accuvant and Optiv
LinkedIn IconRon Zoran
Ron Zoran
Former CRO at CyberArk
LinkedIn IconAleksandr Yampolskiy
Aleksandr Yampolskiy
CEO at SecurityScoreCard
LinkedIn IconGerhard Eschellbeck
Gerhard Eschelbeck
Former CISO at Google
LinkedIn IconAdam Hirsch
Adam Hirsch
Head of Security Audit at Amazon
LinkedIn IconAdrian Ludwig
Adrian Ludwig
Chief Trust Officer at Atlassian
LinkedIn IconZohar Alon
Zohar Alon
Former CEO at Dome9 Security
LinkedIn IconMaarten Van Horenbeeck
Maarten Van Horenbeeck
CISO at Zendesk
LinkedIn IconAriel Maislos
Ariel Maislos
LinkedIn IconJeff Trudeau
Jeff Trudeau
Former CISO at Credit Karma
LinkedIn IconDean Atkinson
Dean Atkinson
CISO at Burberry
LinkedIn IconAriel Shupler
Ariel Shuper
Entrepreneur and Investor
LinkedIn IconRan Nahmias
Ran Nahmias
Former Head of Cloud Security
at Check Point
LinkedIn IconGuy Ben Arie
Guy Ben Arie
VP Innovation at CyberArk