Your Cloud Risk Remediation Management Platform

Close More Vulnerabilities in Less Time

Less Mess. More Mesh.

DevOcean connects the dots between siloed tools so you can manage all cloud-native application risk from a single platform. All security events from existing security tools are aggregated and analyzed. Related events are clustered into a highly visual graph, showing you how each risk is connected to each other and to different cloud assets. DevOcean shortens the path to remediation by:
Consolidating and deduping security events
Closing visibility gaps created by siloed tooling
Creating a unified cloud-app asset inventory

Get Context Automatically

Save countless hours of juggling between tools, teams and environments to perform manual analysis of each alert. DevOcean automatically enriches security events with the business application context you need to prioritize risk and make decisions faster.  DevOcean’s added context helps you:
Tie every risk to owner for faster remediation
Identify the root cause of related issues so you can fix it once
Export owner and drift data for compliance reports

Streamline Remediation

DevOcean integrates with your existing development workflows, making it easy to streamline fixes with the appropriate owners. You can even automate remediation by setting out-of-the-box policies included in the platform. DevOcean meaningfully reduces the time between detection and remediation by:
Facilitating collaboration between security and dev
Integrating with existing workflows
Including policies that prevent issues from returning
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DevOcean is like Salesforce for cloud security teams. They provide a single address for full observability into the different layers of cloud applications so remediating critical risks becomes a much more efficient process.

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Pathik Patel

Head of Cloud Security, Informatica