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is the first platform to discover your cloud apps, bring together insights from all security tools, and automate the remediation lifecycle.
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devOcean’s unique capability to tell a multilayered story that gathers security data from multiple sources - saves precious time and drives down costs.”

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Gerhard Eschelbeck

Former CISO, Google
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With devOcean tracking how applications are created and changed in the cloud - Change management turns into something that you can see and automate.”

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Maarten Van Horenbeeck

CISO, Zendesk
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Without making any changes, devOcean empowers the existing security stack value and simplifies the creation of compliance reports.”

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Jeff Trudeau

Former CISO, Credit Karma
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The Application-First approach bridges gaps between security, development, and product teams - who all have an impact on the speed at which security risks are remediated.”

Photo of Adam Hirsch

Adam Hirsch

Head of Security Audit, Amazon

Shift in responsibilities and fragmented tooling extends the remediation lifecycle and drive up costs.

Chasing every security event
Working tirelessly to collect context manually
Validating the risk across all app layers
Searching for the right people
Automatically prioritizing risks with multilayered context
Remediating critical risks with efficient security workflows


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Adoption of cloud-native services is growing and cloud-native workloads are ephemeral, with a rapid rate of change from development to production that will extend security operations use cases to development.”

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Mark Wah, Sr Director Analyst, and Charlie Winckless, Sr Director Analyst,

“Emerging Technologies: Future of Cloud Native Security Operations"