The Cloud-First Remediation OS.

DevOcean takes the manual work out of remediation so you can get more fixed and reduce your attack surface.

Redefining Remediation for the Cloud-First Era

Cut the time, resources, and efforts needed to fix vulnerabilities and misconfigs in code and cloud. Uncorks remediation bottlenecks across your entire organization with automatic consolidation, prioritization, and owner and root cause identification.

See & Prioritize Everything

Silence 90% of your alert noise with consolidated, multi-layer validation and prioritization of findings from all your security tools across config, code, runtime and more.

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Discover Root Cause & Owner

Find the fastest path to remediation by automatically uncovering the root of the problem and the responsible owner to get it fixed.

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Work Together Better

Maintain the attentiveness and effectiveness of your IT and dev teams by making communication with security teams more efficient.

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Connect your tools to DevOcean

We plug right into your existing tools so you can consolidate, communicate and coordinate cloud remediation from one place.

“DevOcean’s unique capability to tell a multilayered story that gathers security data from multiple sources - saves precious time and drives down costs.”
Gerhard Eschelbeck

Gerhard Eschelbeck

Former CISO, Google

“With DevOcean tracking how applications are created and changed in the cloud - Change management turns into something that you can see and automate.”
Maarten Van Horenbeeck

Maarten Van Horenbeeck

CISO, Zendesk

Without making any changes, DevOcean empowers the existing security stack value and simplifies the creation of compliance reports.”
Jeff Trudeau

Jeff Trudeau

Former CISO, Credit Karma

"The Application-First approach bridges gaps between security, development, and product teams - who all have an impact on the speed at which security risks are remediated.”
Adam Hirsch

Adam Hirsch

Head of Security Audit, Amazon

DevOcean is like Salesforce for cloud security teams. They provide a single address for full observability into the different layers of cloud applications so remediating critical risks becomes a much more efficient process.
Pathik Patel

Pathik Patel

Head of Cloud Security, Informatica

Right from the start, DevOcean helped us find unknown connections across different cloud accounts and critical applications. Security decisions become much easier and faster to make when you have multi-layer visibility into how your applications look in production and how security events are connected to each asset. Their ability to listen to our needs and innovate quickly has made them a valuable partner of RSA.
Itay Kozuch

Itay Kozuch

Director of Cybersecurity and Compliance, CISO at Outseer an RSA Company

Did you know

A shocking 62% of breaches result from KNOWN vulnerabilities the targeted organization was fully aware of! Excessively slow and manual processes typically only allow for the fixing of a mere 10% of issues— and even those can take up to 200 days!

Get more done with less effort.

DevOcean maximizes the value of your existing stack by uncorking bottlenecks. Take the manual effort out of the time-consuming tasks that cause alert fatigue and endless backlogs. Drive remediation over the last mile and see an 85% improvement in the ROI of your existing stack.

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SLA Compliance


Tool Utilization


Accelerate cloud remediation with DevOcean

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reduce cloud remediation costs?

Looking to reduce cloud remediation costs? It's simple: ditch the manual work. Save your security and dev teams hundreds of hours usually wasted hunting for root causes, playing detective to find code owners, and sifting through alert chaos to filter duplicates and false positives. Automate those tasks, free up your team's super-smart brains, and watch the costs drop while your efficiency soars.

What is the best approach to remediation in the cloud?

The best approach to remediation in the cloud involves five key steps: First, "Connect" by consolidating findings into a single system for unified management. Then, "Reduce Noise" by clustering similar alerts. "Prioritize" by considering severity, impact, and fix complexity. Identify "Root Cause & Owners" and delegate fixes. Lastly, "Track & Validate Fixes" to maintain visibility into remediation progress and ensure effective production fixes.

What is remediation in cloud?

Remediation in the cloud is a multi-faceted process that involves consolidating, prioritizing, and fixing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that may exist within a cloud-based infrastructure or application. It is an essential component of cloud security and compliance management.

How soon will I see results with DevOcean?

Within minutes of integrating DevOcean with your security tools and scanners, there is a significant reduction in in backlog. DevOcean immediately eliminates false positives, deduplicates findings, and groups related issues into clusters for streamlined resolution. It's common to see a 90% improvement in Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and a remarkable 50:1 backlog reduction.

Efficiency ahead.

We take the manual work out of cloud remediation so you can accomplish more.