See, detect, contextualize and protect every asset

DevOcean Asset Inventory and Ownership helps you remediate assets, not only issues. That's because we understand each asset — its exploitability, business criticality, and every associated vulnerability—giving security teams the context to make smarter, more impactful decisions.

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Understand every asset in your hybrid environment

DevOcean instantly discovers every asset across code, cloud, on-prem, CI/CD, dev, prod and legacy environments.

Dev Ocean Asset Inventory

CMDB and owner mapping

Using next-gen CMDB for hybrid environments, DevOcean automatically connects each asset to owner, making it easy for sec to delegate fixes to the right owners using the right workflow tool.

Dev Ocean Asset Inventory

Reduce ticket volume and improve impact

Take an asset-centric remediation approach. Instantly look up any asset and its security findings, owners and potential for exploitation.

Dev Ocean Use Case

Comprehensive asset visibility

See everything in one place and skip the hassle of multiple logins — DevOcean streamlines your asset management with comprehensive consolidation.

  • Supports multi-cloud, hybrid architectures, code, CI/CD, on-Prem
  • Includes countless, easy-to-connect integrations
  • Updates hourly (and on-demand) from all sources
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SLA and policy compliance

Track compliance with SLA and policy compliance of every application with out-of-the-box and customizable reporting.

  • Generate compliance reports on applications, compliance, assets and alerts
  • Set out-of-box SLA and prioritization policies or customize your own
  • Verify fixes on critical assets are solved within SLA and compliance policies
Dev Ocean Use Case

Everchanging attack surface mapping

Provides a comprehensive view of the attack surface, including assets, identities, code, pipeline, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and so much more!

  • Identify coverage gaps in your security stack
  • Focus on the code that was actually used and deployed
  • Get a relevant report for each persona in your organization

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DevOcean Unified Asset Inventory and Ownership

DevOcean Unified Asset Inventory and Ownership offers real-time visibility and control over all organizational assets. Unlike other solutions, it integrates with existing tools, automatically identifies asset owners, and streamlines cross-team workflows for faster remediation and reduced risk. Key features include automated data consolidation, dynamic ownership assignment, and a unified dashboard, providing efficient and comprehensive asset management.

How does DevOcean ensure accurate asset ownership identification?

DevOcean utilizes advanced algorithms and integrations with existing tools to automatically identify and assign asset ownership. This dynamic process ensures that Fixes get to Fixers - and that issues are delegated to the right individuals who are responsible for fixing specific assets, enhancing transparency and accountability across the organization.

What is an asset inventory in the context of cybersecurity?

An asset inventory in cybersecurity is a comprehensive list of all IT assets within an organization, including hardware, software, and network components. It helps in managing and securing these assets by providing visibility into what is owned, where it is located, and who is responsible for it.

How can automated asset inventory tools benefit an organization?

Automated asset inventory tools can benefit an organization by providing real-time updates, reducing manual errors, and ensuring a comprehensive view of all assets. These tools can automatically discover new assets, track changes, and integrate with other security systems to provide a holistic view of the organization's IT environment.

What are the key features to look for in an asset inventory management solution

Key features to look for in an asset inventory management solution include real-time visibility, automated asset discovery, dynamic ownership assignment, integration with existing security tools, and a unified dashboard for comprehensive asset management. These features help in maintaining an accurate and up-to-date inventory.

How does an asset inventory contribute to risk management?

An asset inventory contributes to risk management by identifying and cataloging all assets, which helps in assessing their vulnerabilities and potential impact on the organization. This information is critical for prioritizing remediation efforts, reducing threat exposure, and ensuring a robust security strategy.

Fast forward remediation.

Cut remediation cycles from weeks to days.