The DevOcean Platform

It’s all about connections.

Powered by the most complete and connected map of your cloud’s assets, applications, infrastructure and code, DevOcean instantly generates context-sensitive remediation recommendations based on a holistic understanding of your true risk.

The 6 Seas (C’s) of DevOcean

Reduce the time between find and fix with rapid root-cause analysis, contextual impact analysis, automatic ownership discovery and recommendations for automated remediation, across both code and cloud.



Get a holistic view of all findings from all your tools



Remove dupes and false positives for a 50:1 backlog reduction



Eliminate ticket chaos by grouping findings by issue



Understand the who, what, where, and why of each fix



Route fixes, not problems, to owners via existing workflows



Get more issues fixed in less time and decrease your attack surface

Easy to Deploy

Connect to all your accounts in minutes


Lightweight, API-based SaaS Software


Minimal read-only
based permissions

DevOcean seamlessly integrates with every component of your stack.

“DevOcean’s unique capability to tell a multilayered story that gathers security data from multiple sources - saves precious time and drives down costs.”
Gerhard Eschelbeck

Gerhard Eschelbeck

Former CISO, Google

“With DevOcean tracking how applications are created and changed in the cloud - Change management turns into something that you can see and automate.”
Maarten Van Horenbeeck

Maarten Van Horenbeeck

CISO, Zendesk

Without making any changes, DevOcean empowers the existing security stack value and simplifies the creation of compliance reports.”
Jeff Trudeau

Jeff Trudeau

Former CISO, Credit Karma

"The Application-First approach bridges gaps between security, development, and product teams - who all have an impact on the speed at which security risks are remediated.”
Adam Hirsch

Adam Hirsch

Head of Security Audit, Amazon

DevOcean is like Salesforce for cloud security teams. They provide a single address for full observability into the different layers of cloud applications so remediating critical risks becomes a much more efficient process.
Pathik Patel

Pathik Patel

Head of Cloud Security, Informatica

Right from the start, DevOcean helped us find unknown connections across different cloud accounts and critical applications. Security decisions become much easier and faster to make when you have multi-layer visibility into how your applications look in production and how security events are connected to each asset. Their ability to listen to our needs and innovate quickly has made them a valuable partner of RSA.
Itay Kozuch

Itay Kozuch

Director of Cybersecurity and Compliance, CISO at Outseer an RSA Company

Efficiency ahead.

We take the manual work out of cloud remediation so you can accomplish more.