A powerful pair for amplified remediation

Get more value from your CNAPP with DevOcean. Leverage the combined power of both tools to automate your remediation workflow and fix vulnerabilities at the root, reduce alert and ticket backlogs, improve MTTR, and enable collaboration between Sec and Dev.

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Dev Ocean CNAPP

Fix easily at scale

Save time and resources by making the right fixes. Instantly enrich, prioritize, and group alerts across code, cloud, on-prem, CI/CD, dev, prod and legacy environments

Dev Ocean CNAPP

Reduce ticket volume and improve security posture

For each alert, instantly discover its related findings, fixes, owners, and potential impact, then create tickets and track their progress

Dev Ocean CNAPP

Automate ownership and accountability

It's easy for security teams to automate owner discovery and delegate fixes without friction using your current workflow tools.

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Best-in-Breed Framework

Easy to connect, easy to understand, easy to use. Eliminate unnecessary obstacles and streamlines processes with:

  • Big picture visibility by automatically connecting 1000s of alerts
  • A unified workflow that connects the dots of existing tech stack
  • Friction-reducing context that aligns Security, Dev and DevOps teams

Fixing made easy

Advanced enrichment, context, graphs, dashboards and filters to help you:

  • Identify root cause, its impact, relevance, ownership, and solutions for each issue
  • Equip owners with fix suggestions and context unique to your environment
  • Manage the entire process: prioritize, investigate, ticket, validate fixes
Dev Ocean Use Case

Centralized alert management

Manage all alerts from all tools in one dashboard. Unify all findings from CNAPP, SCA, SAST, DAST, etc.

  • Identify coverage gaps in your security stack
  • Focus on the code that was actually used and deployed
  • Get a relevant report for each persona in your organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Can DevOcean's CNAPP enablement be integrated with existing DevSecOps workflows?

Yes, DevOcean's CNAPP enablement is designed to integrate smoothly with existing DevSecOps workflows. This integration facilitates automated security checks and continuous compliance, ensuring that security is maintained without disrupting development processes or slowing down deployment cycles.

How does DevOcean's CNAPP enablement improve visibility into cloud environments?

DevOcean enhances visibility by offering real-time insights into cloud-native applications and infrastructure. Through continuous monitoring and advanced analytics, DevOcean ensures that security teams have a clear, up-to-date view of potential risks and vulnerabilities, enabling proactive security measures.

What is the primary advantage of DevOcean's CNAPP enablement for cloud security?

DevOcean's CNAPP enablement provides comprehensive cloud-native application protection by integrating security seamlessly into the entire application lifecycle. This holistic approach ensures that vulnerabilities are identified and remediated early, enhancing overall cloud security and compliance.

How do CNAPPs differ from traditional security tools?

CNAPPs differ from traditional security tools by focusing specifically on cloud-native environments. Traditional tools may not fully address the unique challenges of cloud security, such as containerization, microservices, and dynamic scaling. CNAPPs are designed to seamlessly integrate with these cloud-native technologies, offering more effective and efficient security coverage.

What features should I look for in a CNAPP?

When choosing a CNAPP, look for features such as comprehensive visibility into cloud resources, automated vulnerability scanning, compliance monitoring, and real-time threat detection. Additionally, a good CNAPP should integrate smoothly with existing DevSecOps workflows and provide actionable insights to help prioritize and remediate security issues effectively.

Why is CNAPP important for cloud security?

CNAPPs are crucial for cloud security because they provide end-to-end protection for cloud-native applications. By integrating security measures throughout the development and deployment process, CNAPPs help identify and mitigate vulnerabilities early, ensure compliance with security standards, and offer real-time protection against threats in dynamic cloud environments.

Fast forward remediation.

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