Manage, track, fix and collaborate

Shift left successfully with DevOcean ASPM. Includes advanced features such as root cause analysis, deep context about the cloud production environment, full visibility into applications, fix prioritization, owner identification, ticketing and tracking, and cross-team collaboration.

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Dev Ocean ASPM

Fix issues at the root

Prevent issues from reaching production with root cause analysis, alert enrichment, and prioritization that considers both the issue and the fix

Dev Ocean ASPM

Focus on critical applications

Take an app-centric remediation approach. Instantly understand and inform dev about critical apps with critical vulnerabilities

Dev Ocean ASPM

Collaborate without friction

DevOcean's RBAC capabilities make onboarding and granting visibility easy, enabling trust and collaboration between security, dev and DevOps teams.

Dev Ocean Use Case

Right-side production context

Reduce the potential impact of any issue by finding the root cause and streamlining the fix.

  • Discover the root cause across code, cloud, IaC, k8s, applications and more
  • Leverage your existing security stack and workflow tools to streamline remediation
  • Enable cross-team visibility of all context in one place
Dev Ocean Use Case

Bi-directional management

DevOcean integrates with your existing workflow tools so it's easy to ticket, track, and get accountability.

  • Create tickets with app context, issue criticality, and tailored fix suggestions
  • Minimize friction between security and dev with automated owner identification
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of the fix: prioritize, investigate, ticket, validate
Dev Ocean Use Case

Multi-layer alert management

Provides a comprehensive view of all your alerts with seamless integration to all your tools, including SCAs, SASTs, DASTs, and more.

  • Spot security coverage gaps
  • Focus on code that's used in production
  • Get reporting for each team and persona

Efficiency ahead.

We take the manual work out of cloud remediation so you can accomplish more.