DevOcean is an AWS Qualified Software

Amy Marion
Head of Marketing

AWS Qualified Software status achieved!

We're pleased to announce the deepening of its relationship with Amazon Web Services within the AWS Partner Network (APN). DevOcean achieved the highly coveted Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner status and completed the cloud provider’s Foundational Technical Review (FTR) program, earning it Qualified Software solution status.

This means AWS verified DevOcean's stability, security, performance and cost-efficiency, thereby achieving the much-coveted AWS Qualified Software badge.

DevOcean's solution is delivered as a SaaS service running on AWS. DevOcean's integrations with key AWS services simplify cloud remediation, making it easier for customers to manage and fix their vulnerabilities with tools, manhours and backlog.

10. Manage OpenSSL Remediation with DevOcean

DevOcean’s Cloud Application Vulnerability Remediation platform helps teams identify, prioritize and fix assets impacted by vulnerabilities like OpenSSL. For more information on using DevOcean in your organization, please click here.