DevOcean Now Available on AWS Marketplace

DevOcean Now Available on AWS Marketplace
Gil Makmel
March 10, 2024
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We are thrilled to announce that DevOcean is now listed on the AWS Marketplace, making it easy for customers to seamlessly purchase and integrate DevOcean into their existing tech stacks.

Our availability on the AWS Marketplace, as well as through private offers, gives us the flexibility to tailor our offering for AWS-based cloud-native customers. It streamlines and expedites the procurement process to meet the increasing demand for our unified remediation platform, while reducing overhead and complexity for our customers.

This brings multiple benefits to DevOcean customers, including:

  • Saving money through AWS discounts: Customers can increase overall AWS spend using budget they already committed, while achieving a higher tier of spend for increased AWS discounts.
  • Streamlined procurement and billing: Customers can reduce the number of vendors they procure technology from, enabling self-service, and consolidating more subscriptions into a single invoice.

With DevOcean in the AWS Marketplace, it's never been easier for customers to quickly deploy our Unified Remediation for Hybrid Enterprise and start automating workflows for faster fixes across all their teams and assets. We are committed to helping our customers maintain the strongest security posture possible while reducing costs, risk exposure, and MTTR.

Learn more about purchasing DevOcean in the AWS Marketplace.

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