DevOcean: The Cool Vendor That Revolutionized Remediation

We didn't just build a new remediation platform – we ripped up the old playbook and created new ones, armed with pre-built automations and intelligent workflows.
DevOcean: The Cool Vendor That Revolutionized Remediation
Doron Naim
January 24, 2024
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Imagine a world where remediating cloud security vulnerabilities isn't a Sisyphean boulder, but a smooth, manageable stream you can navigate with ease. A world where overflowing backlogs vanish, fragmented tools unify, and security and development teams high-five instead of hair-pull.

That's the future DevOcean unleashed in 2023. We didn't just build a new remediation platform – we ripped up the old playbook and created new ones, armed with pre-built automations and intelligent workflows. It wasn't just a big year for us, it was a revolution for cloud security.

We saw the bloodshot eyes of security folks drowning in endless alerts. We heard the groans of over-ticketed R&D and software engineers. We felt the friction, the wasted resources, the soul-crushing inefficiency. And we knew, deep down, there had to be a better way.

So, we built it. An elegant, unified platform that transformed remediation from a thankless chore to a collaborative superpower. And it resonated. Industry giants like Gartner took notice, dubbing us a "Gartner Cool Vendor". But the coolest validation? Seeing our platform turn the tide in real organizations, watching backlogs shrink, silos crumble, and smiles replace frowns.

This isn't just DevOcean's story, it's yours. It's about reclaiming your time, your sanity, and your security posture. It's about rewriting the narrative of cloud security, one automated remediation workflow at a time.

Here's how DevOcean redefined remediation in 2023:

Prioritization Reimagined: We moved beyond severity-solely-focused models. We introduced "Low Hanging Fruit" – tackling readily fixable issues for quick wins and rapid attack surface reduction. We brought in "Bang for the Buck" – identifying clusters of vulnerabilities solvable with one fix, multiplying efficiency. And then there's "Beyond EPSS Scoring" – a nuanced approach that considers context, impact, and feasibility, not just a single number.

From Alert Overload to Root Cause Precision: Remember drowning in a sea of alerts? DevOcean's "Fix 'Em at the Root" backlog reduction strategy goes beyond consolidation and deduplication. We create context by connect the dots between code, cloud, CI/CD and alerts to identify the core issue, find owners and let you fix hundreds with one swift stroke.

Breaking Down Silos, Building Bonds: We created a platform that speaks both languages – security and development. DevOcean isn't just for security teams, it's for everyone – developers, DevOps, product owners, even management. One platform, one language, one goal: secure the organization, together.

Maximizing Existing Tech Investments: Think of those top-tier security tools you invested in – cutting-edge scanners, detection engines, and vulnerability management platforms. Powerful engines humming beneath the surface, yet underutilized due to the daily grind of manual analysis. Extracting their full potential often demands a Herculean effort, not just financial investment.

Orchestrating the Fix: Seamless Workflows: DevOcean's intelligent workflows bridge the security-developer-tool gap, guiding identified vulnerabilities through every stage, from first detection to final fix. Teams and tools move in unison, each playing their part, to eliminate vulnerabilities faster and collaboratively.

DevOcean's workflows transcend team boundaries, ensuring everyone – security, developers, DevOps – dances to the same beat: a harmonious flow that prioritizes issues then connects them to the right fixer, using their preferred ticketing system (Monday, Slack, JIRA and more.)

We're not another tool adding to the cacophony; we're the conductor.

Look out 2024. The best is yet to come:

But 2023 was just the beginning. We're already gearing up for an even bigger 2024, filled with exciting plans to help more customers, push the boundaries of AI and automation, and continue reshaping the remediation landscape.

The journey to a more secure cloud has begun. Ready to be a part of it? Contact DevOcean today and let's redefine remediation together.

Fast forward remediation.

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